Voice, Piano, Acting, Pageantry

Teaching Philosophy

I teach with the intent to open the creative mind using music, yoga, acting, piano and theory.  Each lesson is guaranteed to be a safe space where respect, patience, and compassion are guaranteed.  From professionals to hobbyists, my lessons will bring out the individuals unique sound and to better overall creative production.

Lesson Layout

My average singing lesson consists of four parts, yoga, a warm up, song study, and acting. The lesson begins with a short Yoga warm up.  I believe in the philosophy that the whole body has to be warmed up for the voice to reach its full potential.  Through various poses and stretches the body reaches its potential for optimal singing.  The second portion is the Warm-up.  The warm up consists of vocal exercises and technical guidance.  The Warm- up is to prepare the voice in ways meant for different genres and to meet the challenges of each individual song.  When reaching the song-focused part of the lesson, depending on the preparation I handle a song in different ways.  If just receiving the music, I play a recording of the song for the student to get the idea of the whole song.   Once the song is in the mind, I teach how to properly learn the song, important musical points, musicality markings, and diction.  If a song is learned, the focus becomes more on the details and trouble spots. 

Art is the expression of the human spirit.  Vocal production is nothing without the passion in front of it.  Each song will have coaching centered around interpretation and acting honestly.   Once the song is learned I believe that what sets accomplished singers apart from armatures is their acting ability.  First I approach the song as a monologue and have the singer perform the piece.  Once the emotions are felt then I put the words to the music and address the differences in acting for a monologue versus a song.  On special lesson days I like to include basic piano skills and theory lessons.  I believe that singers have to understand the theory of music to fully become one with the music. Being able to play the melody of the lesson song is important for learning and creates a whole new level of musicianship.  I try and insert these extra aspects as much as possible into the lesson time.

Pageant Voice and Stage Presence

Pageantry Voice and stage training is an entirely different technique than any other form of stage work.  Within my coaching sessions, I begin with stress relieving yoga techniques that can be used in the changingroom and back stage.  Visualization training is also incorporated into the prep work before the talent is even coached.  On talent, I incorporate the use of the Chakras for a entire pageant performance that will stand out on stage.  A pageant session will focus more on showmanship and entertainment techniques. 

Teaching Credentials

Rebecca Jackson has 8 years of teaching experience and began teaching her first lessons in high school.  She learned her teaching technique from her mother Suzanne Jackson, accomplished teacher and Washington National Opera Singer, and began teach along side her to learn proper teaching techniques.  She obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware in Vocal Performance and has taken Vocal Pedagogy, the study of the voice, with Dr. Noel Archambeault.  In 2013, she was crowned Miss Delaware and took a one woman musical across the state and inserted musical lessons into each of her presentations at schools.